Originally from Washington, D.C., I lived in Miami, Florida, for over 25 years before moving to Northern California. I have had the privilege to study Renaissance art and painting extensively in Italy and France with such noted artists as Jack Beal, Sondra Freckleton, and Fred Wessel, as well as further instruction in painting with other fine instructors such as Daniel Greene.

After moving to California, I began to move away from representational painting. I am now working entirely in an abstract style and primarily in encaustics. To read a short explanation and history of the medium of encaustics,  go to History.

Diversity, with all its fascinating choices, intrigues me and is evident throughout my work. My love of variety has led me to study quite a few mediums including oils, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, egg tempera, gold leaf, glass fusing, mixed media collage and encaustic. The ancient mediums, as well as their themes and images, fascinate me and give me an ever-widening option of expressing the world around me and my relationship to it.

I paint because to not paint is unthinkable and encaustics as a medium totally absorbs me. It offers a sumptuous richness of color and an abundance of texture--a subtle variety of surface markings--contrasts of smooth, silky wax and rusted, pitted metal: order and disorder, chaos and plan.

My studio is located at the City of Novato Arts Center at Hamilton Field in Novato, California, where the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is also located.